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On view until Sunday, January 12, 2020

Recipient of the BCMA Award of Merit: Excellence in Exhibitions 2019!

The Museum of Vancouver and Nature Vancouver proudly present the illuminating exhibition, Wild Things: The Power of Nature in Our Lives. This exhibition delves into the life stories of local animals and plants—how they relate to each other and how they connect people to nature in the city. Scenic design, videos, taxidermy, crowdsourcing technologies, and the display of natural specimens breathe life into these tales of co-habitation. The immersive nature of the exhibition, including hands-on activities, encourages visitors to examine their relationship with nature, think about momentarily disconnecting from their devices, and find equilibrium with the natural world around them.



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Knowledge Through Taxidermy


Wild Things live!

Hancock Wildlife Foundation (HWF) presents a streaming live view of this bald eagle nest located in Delta, British Columbia, Canada.


There have been eagles in this territory in Delta, British Columbia, not far from the Tsawwassen Ferry, since at least the late 1990s. They initially took over and rebuilt a red tail hawk nest, then nested on high tension power poles for a few years, then moved back to the nest in 2010 and successfully raised two eaglets.  A camera was installed for 2011, and as of fall 2018, Hancock Wildlife Foundation have watched the pair successfully raise eleven young eagles.

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Lee Beavington, Kwantlen Polytechnic University Instructor
Viviane Gosselin, MOV Lead Curator

Design and Co-Curation

Daniel Irvine, Principle Architecture
Chad Manley, Chad Manley Practice in Landscape and Building Arts