The Dress Circle: Fashion for the Symphony 1918 - 2018

On view at the Orpheum Theatre - 601 Smithe St

A collaborative exhibition featuring ten fashion statements from the last century, on display at the Orpheum Theatre starting October 11, 2018. Curated by Ivan Sayers and Claus Jahnke, the installation features 10 gowns and explores what women might have worn over the last century attending the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

Going to a public performance is always an exciting event especially if you can sit with the most privileged and stylish members of the audience in what is known as the Dress Circle,” explains Ivan Sayers, lead curator, fashion historian, and Curator Emeritus at MOV, “ Over the last hundred years fashions in both music and dress have changed, and whether we like the changes or not, variety makes music, fashion and life more interesting.”

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The dress circle gallery



Special Thanks to

Margaret Brown, Nancy Jean Cameron, Eric Davidson, Margaret Duckham, Paula Shore, Kathleen Taylor, The BC Society for the Museum of Original Costume (SMOC), and Coquitlam Heritage Society