Object(ing): The Art/Design of Tobias Wong

Thursday, September 20, 2012 to Sunday, February 24, 2013

"I no longer worry about what title people give me,
I’m happy being whatever fits the context.
I don’t draft or create models/prototypes,
I don’t problem solve,
and I definitely don’t make things to make life easier."
- Tobias Wong

The MOV is pleased to present the first time solo exhibition of internationally acclaimed Vancouver-born artist Tobias Wong. Wong’s work defied categorization, as he engaged with a range of art processes from installations, performances, and furniture making to product and fashion design.

He was cheeky, playful, witty, and clever. He appropriated, manipulated, manufactured, mass-produced, and re-issued objects, pouring new meanings into them. Like many pioneers, his art both seduced and upset.

You'll want to see first hand why Wong is considered a forerunner of conceptual design.

Curators: Todd Falkowsky, Viviane Gosselin
Photos:    Rebecca Blissett and Dean Kaufman