Frequently Asked Questions about a Museum Visit

+ Is there a Café or somewhere to eat at MOV?

Enjoy delicious and fresh brewed coffee, a curated selection of baked goods, and ice cold drinks at our coffee cart!

Cold drinks and snacks are also available in our vending machines which are located on the lower floor of the building.

Our Visitor Services staff will also be happy to give you directions to the closest restaurants and cafés on Cornwall Avenue, a short walk from the Museum.

+ Is the Museum wheelchair accessible?

Yes, there are ramps which lead to the atrium of the building and MOV’s exhibitions are all situated on the main floor.

Elevators can bring you to the lower lobby where wheelchair accessible bathroom stalls are located.

The front of the building has a handicapped drop off area.

+ Are pets allowed in the building?

No animals are permitted in the building. However, a Service Animal may accompany a visitor.

+ When was the Museum built?

This building opened in 1968.

Designed by the well-known architect Gerald Hamilton, the building was planned to only house the museum.

A generous gift by the late H.R. MacMillan allows the architect to incorporate a planetarium into the design.

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