on display within the MOV Studio

May 15, 2019 to August 19, 2019

The Museum of Vancouver (MOV) is excited to present, with the Canadian Society for Asian Arts (CSAA)Dragon Jars and Lotus Bowls: Asian Ceramics from the Jean Mackay Fahrni Collection. This MOV-CSAA collaboration features Asian ceramics from the Jean MacKay Fahrni collection, generously donated to the Museum in 1992 by the Hongkong Bank of Canada and contains many pieces that have not been publicly displayed.  The exhibition also marks and celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Canadian Society for Asian Arts, and Mrs. Jean Mackay Fahrni’s 100th birthday - remarkable achievements both. 

Dragon Jars and Lotus Bowls builds on the Museum’s catalogue of exhibitions presented with the CSAA, which include All About Blue (1999) and Rice is Life (2007). Dragon Jars and Lotus Bowls showcases a collection enthusiastically amassed over fifty years by the exceptional Jean MacKay Fahrni, for the purpose of providing Vancouver - and the rest of Canada - with an educational, world-class ceramics assemblage. Mrs. Fahrni, an accomplished ceramist in her own right, advocated for the craft and art form that make up this extraordinary legacy for the Museum and people of Vancouver. This advocacy is admirably carried on by the dedicated members of the CSAA. 

We are so pleased to have had this opportunity to collaborate again with the CSAA and to share the many ceramic treasures from the Jean Mackay Fahrni collection with the residents, tourists, and students that visit the Museum of Vancouver. Our very best wishes to Mrs. Fahrni on her 100th year and to our friends at the CSAA, here’s to another fifty more!

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