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Chosen Family Portraits

Wednesday, August 3, 2011 to Sunday, November 6, 2011

MOV Studio Exhibit

There are the families we are born with and there are the families that we choose. 

The term “chosen family” refers to the formation of non-biological families; many lesbian, gay, transgender and queer people, especially those with problematic relationships with their birth families, have friends and often lovers they consider part of their chosen family.

During August 2010, the Vancouver Queer Film Festival conducted a community-based art project called, Chosen Family Portraits. This photography and oral history project invited local queer and allied community to model with their chosen family and share their stories.

Photographer Sarah Race and radio journalist Sarah Buchanan are the lead Chosen Family Portrait artists. 118 people posed for this project, yielding these 28 family portraits and accompanying oral histories.

Presented with support from the City of Vancouver's 125th Anniversary, the Arts Partners in Creative Development and the participation of the Government of Canada.

We would like to thank Options for Sexual Health for supporting the production of the Museum of Vancouver component of Chosen Family Portrait.




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