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All Together Now: Vancouver Collectors and Their Worlds

June 23rd, 2016 to March 19th, 2017

All Together Now: Vancouver Collectors and Their Worlds featured 20 beautiful, rare, and unconventional collections, with something for everyone including corsets, prosthetics, pinball machines, taxidermy, toys, and much more. In this exhibition both collector and collected were objects of study, interaction, and delight.


All Together Now explored the act of collecting, the collector’s vision and the role collections play in building identity, public memory and social connections. The exhibition will explore the questions: Why do people collect, and how do private collections touch public consciousness?

The project built on the fascination with private collections, as evidenced by TV shows dedicated to the subject and thriving online and in-person communities of collectors. Vancouverites were invited to submit their collections for inclusion in the exhibition.



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