Venue Rental FAQs


+ Can i put a rental venue on hold? If so for how long?

Yes, you can place a complimentary hold on a rental space for your preferred event date.

This date will be held for a three week period.

To place a hold on a room, submit a written request to our rental department.

Until a deposit is received, all holds are subject to Museum programming requirements.

If your date is challenged, then will you be required to proceed with a rental contract and deposit payment, or to release the date.

+ How far in advance do i need to book a venue?

We recommend booking space as far in advance as possible as peak periods book up quickly.

+ Can i do a site visit on a weekend or holiday?

Yes, site visits can be arranged during the Museum of Vancouver’s operational hours Monday-Sunday.

All weekend and holiday site visits will be facilitated by our Visitor Experience team.

Any follow-up questions about the spaces or your event can be directed to your Rental Specialist.

If you require your Rental Department Specialist to do a site visit, a tour can be arranged Monday-Friday 9:00am-3:00pm, based on availability.

+ What is included in my venue rental cost?

Furniture includes:

  • 6-foot and 5-foot rectangular banquet tables
  • contemporary black stacking chairs or comfortable, well-padded folding chairs.

Please note: Museum-supplied furniture is intended for indoor use only.

Also included:

  • site visit
  • an event liaison
  • building security personnel
  • building services (custodial) staff
  • catering staging room
  • access to sink, fridge and counter space and recycling disposal
  • limited storage for rental items for drop-off and pick-up
  • EasyPark group discounts with all rental bookings.

These facilities are wheelchair accessible, including rental rooms, washrooms and elevators.

+ What is the role an event liaison?

The Event Liaison is a Museum of Vancouver representative who assists in facilitating the use of Museum venue rentals.

The Event Liaison ensures that the client and vendors are aware of the Museum of Vancouver protocols and procedures and will ensure the timely delivery of all services as contracted.

This Museum representative will also brief Museum staff on the details of your event.

Please note: The Museum Event Liaison is not your event planner and will not be able to actively participate in running your event.

+ Where and what audio visual is included?

The Joyce Walley Room is our only rental space that includes audio visual components. Included in this venue:

  • a podium with built-in microphone
  • one additional audio channel
  • in-ceiling speakers
  • a large projection screen

A projector can be rented for an additional $50.00, subject to availability.

Additional A/V components can be brought in from the supplier of your choice, and would be set up and struck during the period of the rental booking.

+ Can i serve alcohol in the museum venues?

Provided that you have obtained the proper license, it is possible to serve alcohol at the Museum of Vancouver.

Because our facility is not a licensed venue, you would be responsible for obtaining a Special Occasion License (liquor license or SOL).

Caterers can also facilitate liquor licensing under certain conditions.

+ Can i bring in my own alcohol and bartender?

Your Special Occasion Liquor License will set forth conditions related to the service of liquor during your event.

Generally speaking, clients who have obtained their liquor license are free to purchase the products of their choice.

The Butler Did It can also assist in the selection of products, or with providing service staff.

The Museum does not charge a corkage fee, nor does the Museum provide bartender staff.

+ How late can my event end?

All event attendees must leave the facility premise no later than

  • 11:00pm from Sunday-Thursday
  • 12:00am on Friday and Saturday

All event organizers, caterers, vendors, and other personnel must leave the building no later than

  • 12:00am from Sunday-Thursday
  • 1:00am on Friday and Saturday

Any overtime in the venue will be subject to additional staff and cleanup fees.

+ Do i have to hire The Butler Did It to cater my event?

The Butler Did It is our preferred caterer, however, it is possible to use the services of an alternate caterer if you choose.

A galley fee, payable to The Museum of Vancouver and The Butler Did It, would be charged.

Galley Fees:

  • $250 (50 people)
  • $400 (51-150 people)
  • $600 (150+ people)

+ Does my venue rental include furniture such as high-top tables and chairs?

Any additional furniture other than the standard banquet tables and regular chairs will have to be rented.

By contacting The Butler Did It Catering, these items can be arranged, or you can contact Lonsdale Event Rentals directly.

+ Can i bring a DJ?

Yes, entertainment and music add-ons are acceptable, but are your responsibility to contact and arrange.

We kindly ask you to run by all confirmed entertainment items with your rental specialist, prior to your event.

All DJ’s or live entertainment are responsible in bringing all equipment and their own amps.

Please note: Entertainment options may affect the capacity levels in your rental venue based on your desired room set up.

+ What will the building services staff do for my event?

The Building Services Staff will set up and put away the banquet tables and chairs provided by the Museum.

They will vacuum/sweep/mop the venue and wipe down the building’s tables.

The Museum of Vancouver staff will be on site for the duration of the venue rental booking.

Security staff will be on site while public is in the building and have First Aid level II.

+ Who will set up any additional furniture i bring?

It is your responsibility to arrange for the delivery, set up and removal of any additional furniture, outdoor furniture, or any other items needed for your event.

Details of what you expect to set up must be discussed during the booking process to ensure the period of the venue rental is sufficient for your plans.

Please note: Additional furniture may affect your set up and clean up time.

+ What is set up time?

Set up time is the period at the beginning of your venue rental booking during which you’ll load into the room and prepare for your guests.

Set up includes any additional furniture, décor, catering, A/V set up and any additional entertainment options you would be arranging.

+ How much time should i allow for set up of my event?

We suggest an hour to two hours for set up to take place, though this varies greatly depending on each client’s plans.

Timing of the set up should be discussed at time of inquiry.

+ What is clean up time?

Clean up time is the period at the end of your venue rental booking, after your guests have departed, during which you will clean up and load out of the room.

The clean up would include all the items organized during the set up time, including removal of décor, catering and equipment, additional furniture, and any entertainment that needs to be loaded out of the venue.

+ How much time should i allow for clean up after my event?

We suggest an hour to 90 minutes clean up time, though this varies greatly depending on each client’s plans.

Timing of the clean up should be discussed at time of inquiry.

+ What happens if i need to cancel after the initial deposit is paid?

The venue rental deposit required at time of contract is a non-refundable 50 percent of the total venue rental costs.

Therefore, you would lose the 50 percent of your venue rental costs.

+ What are the deposit and final payment requirements?

At time of contract, you will be required to pay the refundable damage deposit fee of $500.00, in addition to the non-refundable 50 percent of your total venue rental costs.

Final payment will be taken two weeks prior to the event and will be fully non-refundable once taken.

+ Why am i being charged a damage deposit fee?

The $500.00 damage deposit is charged to cover any incidental damage of our facilities or possessions.

This amount is fully refundable post your event, pending no damage.

+ What are the types of payment accepted for a venue rental booking?

All major credit cards are accepted.

(Visa, MasterCard, American Express)