BC Field Trip Fair

September 24, 2018

The Field Trips offered in British Columbia to teachers will be showcased at the Field Trip Fair.

Hundreds of attractions will be represented to answer your questions about what they can offer you.

Teacher Professional Development Workshop - Animating History

October 19, 2018

The Museum of Vancouver and Reel 2 Real Film Festival for Youth are presenting a full day Instant Animation Workshop for teachers.

Learn to use cut out animation techniques to tell the story of the Great Vancouver Fire.

Teachers will learn the steps required to help their students create a short animated film by participating in all aspects of the production:

  • Researching

  • Storyboarding the film’s plot

  • Character creation

  • Camera work

  • Use of animation and sound effect software

This program is held at the Museum of Vancouver. Call 604-730-5310 to register.

Heritage Fair

May 2019

  • Celebrate Canadian heritage and history – an alternative to science fairs creating and promoting students’ interest in history.

  • These fairs provide an opportunity for students to make personal connections with the past as they explore family or community stories.

Evening of Eminence

June 2019

  • Join us for the culmination of the Multi-Age Cluster Class (MACC) grades 6 and 7 studies of Eminent individuals from the City of Vancouver and the world.

  • Students will be dressed in ‘character’ and will present tableaux representing the meeting of remarkable minds.

  • You can stroll through the Museum's History Galleries and eavesdrop on conversations between numerous diverse individuals selected by the students.

This free program is held at the Museum of Vancouver.