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Talk and Tour: Unbelievable Vancouver Stories!

 Unbelievable Vancouver Stories!

Unbelievable Vancouver Stories!

Join us for an evening of hard to believe Vancouver stories.

Local historians John Atkin, Rob Howatson and Mike Harling present Vancouver narratives which on the surface appear too strange to be true, except that they are! 

One of the more curious Vancouver stories yet to be embraced by the mainstream media is the tale of country music star Loretta Lynn being discovered in a Fraserview chicken coop in 1959.

Writers Rob Howatson and Mike Harling examine the unlikely Canadians who helped the Coal Miner’s Daughter achieve her American Dream. Did the Queen of Country suppress the truth about her own origin story or did the Vancouver record executive who produced Loretta’s first hit embellish his star-maker role?

The facts are between the tracks in this bizarre musical odyssey.

The high density 1950s development of Vancouver’s West End neighborhood is commonly thought to be rezoned due to a housing shortage.

Historian John Atkin disproves this notion by linking West End development to the 1929 amalgamation of the three municipalities that make up today’s Vancouver and the preservation of green space.

In what ought to be filed in “the hard to believe” category, building height increased not because of developer pressure, but rather in an effort to preserve more green space.

South Van Twang meets West End Pangs in a single, fun packed evening of history, stories, images and musical interludes.  


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