The Museum of Vancouver Exhibition Proposal Guidelines

MOV is focused on the exploration of the City of Vancouver as a place, people and idea.

MOV Exhibitions fall into six Broad Thematic Areas
  • Aboriginal Cultures and Issues.
  • Intercultural / Cross-Cultural Ideas and Issues.
  • Design and Craft.
  • Social Justice - Social Inclusion, Housing, Poverty, Public Health. 
  • Urban Issues - Urban Planning, Public Spaces, Architecture.
Exhibition Project Sustainability

Over any three-year period, MOV seeks to schedule temporary exhibitions addressing the full range of themes.

Exhibition ideas are generated by MOV staff, by other museums, and by members of the community.

MOV plans the exhibition schedule approximately three years in advance.

Thus, in the fall of each year, we have definite plans for the upcoming year and and the year after and are currently slotting in exhibitions 3 years in advance.

Projects requiring a longer lead time can be tentatively slotted in four to five years in advance.

Community Members Applications
  • Community members may submit exhibition proposals to MOV for consideration.
  • MOV staff will respond to your proposal within six months.
  • MOV’s Creative Strategies Team meets regularly and books exhibits three years in advance.
  • There is limited opportunity for outside proposals to be integrated into the Museum’s long-term schedule.
MOV Evaluation of Proposals

The Evaluation of proposals is a very lengthy process.

The Exhibition Proposals received are evaluated by a staff committee meeting bi-monthly using the following criteria:                                                                                                                                                                                                       

1. Vancouver is the primary subject
  • Pertains to a new area of investigation and/or is inter-disciplinary.
  • Links the historical record with what is happening now.
  • Encourages social engagement and dialogue about issues.
  • Takes an innovative approach.
  • The project is collaborative; what and who will you be bringing to the table?
2. Blends with The Museum of Vancouver Values
  • Demonstrates integrity and excellence.
  • Nurtures community engagement.
  • Encourages dialogue and debate.
  • Promotes intercultural understanding.
  • Inspires passionate advocacy for the City of Vancouver.
3. Project Resources
  • The MOV collection can support the project.
  • The project has good fundraising prospects.