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Collections Tour
with guest specialist
Christopher W. Smith

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Analyze and explore with a Specialist

Explore a vast collection of model totem poles with Pacific Northwest Coast Art Specialist Christopher W. Smith

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Learn the nuances of early Northwest Coast model totem pole production and collection. Go behind the scenes and explore the collection. See where and how artefacts are stored.

Join our guest specialist, Christopher W. Smith, as he takes you through the curatorial archive and analyzes model totem poles from all over the Pacific Northwest. The in-depth tour and talk will end in the Haida Now Exhibition, where participants are encouraged to stay and view the entire exhibition with a more focused and nuanced perspective.

Date: Friday November 23, 2018
Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Admission: $100

Note: Due to the exclusivity of this event, space is limited to maximum 10 participants. Tour ticket includes FREE admission to Haida Now exhibit. Arrive early to explore this exhibit before the tour.

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About Christopher W. Smith

Christopher W. Smith is a Graduate student from UBC’s department of Anthropology. His research focuses on historic Nuxalk carvers and their connections to contemporary Nuxalk artists working today. He is particularly interested in the way that contemporary Nuxalk artists mobilize their relationships with these historic carvers (specifically Louis Snow, Dick Snow, and Willie Mack) as social capital within their community, between each other, and in the broader art market. In the process of recording these connections, his research seeks to illustrate continuity in Nuxalk material production, and will document both family and regional styles of Nuxalk art over time.

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