MOVments: techno-thumbs & rabbit eggs

The quest for truth is always on our heels, and as many of us head into Easter, this week is no different. In true Vancouver fashion, “chicken classes for urban farmers”, aims to teach us which barnyard animal truly lays the Easter eggs around here. On the other side of the proverbial fence, Vancouver is just shy of joining the ranks of online cities using techno-power to engage tourists and citizens. Interestingly, however, green-thumbed gardeners are using their ithumbs to connect garden-to-garden. Now if only there was an app to actually garden the garden…

Local robot-lover and handsome musician Dan Mangan has walked away with two Juno awards including best new artist. Luckily, the witty folks at CBC Music provide some helpful tips on how to win a Juno. At MOV, we wonder all these years later, whether or not it was the hard work and enthusiasm of folks like Red Robinson who led the way for Vancouver’s thriving musical-talent base. In recognition, Happy Birthday Red Robinson!

In contrast, in Northern BC young people are adamantly opposing the Enbridge Pipeline project by declaring a hunger strike. Check out this video on the Tyee’s website for more information. In tying together ideas of political willpower and video production, a video contest is asking participants to pontificate on how parliament would look with a 75% female cast (rather than the current 75% male representation). Good question - particularly as we hear the news that CBC is being forced to cut 650 jobs in the next three years.

At the MOVeum: MOV Youth Council begins this week! Congratulations to the participants. We look forward to meeting you.

Additionally, Ivan Sayer’s Curator’s Talk and Tour is this Thursday April 5, 2012 is SOLD OUT. Next opportunity is June 7 - book early! Or, at our MOV AGM, which is for MEMBERS only, and May 30

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