Mint Releases Coin with Charles Edenshaw Design from MOV Collection

This coin commemorates an important Pacific Northwest art piece. Its design is inspired by an argillite chest by Charles Edenshaw (1839–1924), who was a renowned artist and pivotal guardian of Haida culture. The chest features an intricately carved lion face with human characteristics and stacked 'U' lines - now considered key identifiers of classic Haida art.

The five-kilogram silver coin - with a mintage of only 100 -  is selling for $10,699.95 from the Canadian Mint.

The argillite chest is one of 70,000 artefacts in the MOV collection. It was orignally one of two chests purchased for $400 by Dr. Israel Powell - an Indian commissioner for British Columbia - as possible gifts for Queen Victoria's daughter.

Read more about this remarkable piece in the Museum's OpenMOV database.

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