FRIDAY Five Favourite Photos - 1972

Vancouver in the Seventies: Photos from a Decade that Changed the City is now on view at the Museum of Vancouver.

The exhibition displays over 400 photos from The Vancouver Sun collection. To get a closer look and to celebrate some of these stunning photographs, each Friday we'll be selecting our Five Favourite Photos from each year of the seventies. 

1) My favourite from the entire collection. It captures a group of people who are individual and closed off from each other and striking their different poses, but at the same time there's a sameness and mundanity in their actions that pegs them as part of the same. It captures a visual of everday life that didn't seem extraordinary at the time (people making phone calls at a phone booth) but in the present is special and a kind of historic evidence, because it's a visual that would simply not exist today due to the changes in technology. The composition is also great with its strong horizontal lines, the fashionable young man facing head on and slightly off centre. Each person is wonderfully framed by the walls of the booth that if you were to zoom in on each booth you'd have another great image. This photo has a lot going for it.

February 15, 1972 - Pay phones at the Vancouver International Airport. Photo by Glenn Baglo (Courtesty of The Vancouver Sun 72-0514)

2) This one is a favourite for its display of typical male fashion at the time (denim jacket, thick mustache, cowichan sweater) and how they look like they could be two regular guys hanging out today in East Van. 

May 3, 1972 - Photographers Rod Gillingham (left) and Curt Lang, who received a Local Initiatives grant. Photo by Deni Eagland (Courtesy of The Vancouver Sun 72-14383)

3) Pure joy and fanatstic energy in this photo. When you read the school was demolished later that year it puts that emotion in check.

May 11, 1972 - Students at Sir William Dawson elementary school in the West End. The 1913 school was demolished at the end of the school year. Photo by Peter Hulbert (Courtesy of The Vancouver Sun 72-1526)

4) The image is multicultural without it being political or the focus of the photo. It's just two kids hanging out by Coal Harbour and one of them has awesome pants.

October 7, 1972 - Brad Kilburn and Willy Ivory take in the view of Coal Harbour from Stanley Park. Photo by Glenn Baglo (Courtesy of The Vancouver Sun 72-3309)

5) The area around Main and Cordova obviously looks very different now than it did in 1972 which is why this photo is interesting - to a modern Vancouverite, the odd thing about it isn't the pile of garbage but that the rest of the street is immaculate, shiny and bright.

May 5, 1972 - A municipal workers’ strike results in piles of trash in the Main and Cordova area. Photo by George Diack (Courtesy of The Vancouver Sun 72-1519)

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