Vancouver tops most ‘best city’ lists, but what do the rankings actually reveal about us?


A flurry of ‘top city’ rankings have hit the media in recent days. A random sampling:

Message from Bon Appetit Magazine to Vancouver: Lighten up


(Note: I tweeted about this last night, but think it warrants further discussion. Here goes.)

The Idea: Taxes on Bicycles?


“Vancouverism”: the concept, the export and now, the MOV cycling tour

This Saturday, the Museum begins an eight-week run of cycling tours that examine the term “Vancouverism”—that mixture of urban design, architecture, and city planning that this city has become known for globally. Vancouverism encompasses everything from the architectural vision of the late Arthur Erickson, to green-glass towers that dot the north shore of False Creek, to developer-funded public parks and schools.

Thanks for coming!


A quick (and belated) post, on the outdoor screening of “The Triplets of Belleville” the Museum hosted on Monday night. The weather was sub par, but the crowd of 400+ didn’t seem to mind. Thanks to everyone who attended, and to all those who’ve blogged and tweeted about it since. So glad you enjoyed yourselves. Should we do it again?

Photo-conceptual Interpretations of Vancouver: The work of Ian Wallace


Tonight the Museum hosts a members-only reception for our ongoing exhibit “My Heroes in the Streets,” a series of 10 images taken by Ian Wallace in 1986. (One of the images is pictured left.)

The Question: How to Copenhagenize?

Interesting debate going on at the Museum about whether Vancouver is on its way to becoming a true cycling city. Certainly, there’s evidence out there that we’re trying to become one, but far more evidence suggests we’ve got a ways to go, especially if we look at other cities.


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