Off the Record with Rob Frith and Howie Vickers

On November 17, 2016 the Museum of Vancouver invited another All Together Now contributor to stop by and discuss their passions and what they collect. Rob Frith, owner of Neptoon Records and a collector of hundreds of rare gig concert posters, expanded the focus of the talk to the era of music he loves - the 1960s and1970s.

Why I Design 2016

On November 4th, the Museum of Vancouver hosted 32 designers at 23 stations, as they presented why they design and why they do it in Vancouver.

Watch the video above to learn firsthand why these local innovators do what they do.

Why I Design - Q&A with Felix Böck

What do you design?
ChopValue™ designs high performance home decor products - entirely made of recycled bamboo chopsticks. We create composite materials with a wooden texture ending up as tiles for walls and flooring, coasters and small objects as well as shelving - even table tops. 

Why I Design - Q&A with Kody Baker

What is your design and what are you presenting at Why I Design?
We have designed a fully enclosed, pedal-electric trike for use in one-way sharing networks that we call Veemo. It is regulated as an e-bike, meaning it can ride in bike lanes and doesn't require a driver's license, yet offers much of the functionality of a small car.

Why I Design - Q&A with Barbara Alink

Why do you design?
I design because I am curious, when I recognize a problem, I try to understand it from all angles and then want to translate it into a solution.  I care about people, I design because it is my way of serving our human community, designing allows me to express my vision. It is not the design itself, but how it makes you feel, what it can do. The design is never for me but for the user. 

Five Favourite Photos - 1971

Exploring MOV's History Galleries

Written by Greg Sikich, Post-Graduate Museum Studies student at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia


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