The 81lb Challenge

Thursday, March 30, 2017 to Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The 81lb Challenge presented by Value Village is a fashion collection created from a year's worth of discarded clothing.

For this year's Eco Fashion Week, Evan Biddell - winner of Project Runway Canada - is designing and reconstructing dozens of garments from textile waste.

This collection will be first shown at Toronto Women’s Fashion Week on March 11, and will then be exhibited on mannequins in Vancouver for Eco Fashion Week 12 and will remain on display at the Museum of Vancouver for a few weeks.

“The average North American discards 81lbs of textiles per year, ranking fashion as the second most-polluting industry next only to oil,” shared Myriam Laroche, founder and president of Eco Fashion Week. “From runway shows, to industry panels, Eco Fashion Week – along with like minded partners like Value Village – addresses the ethics of the fashion industry while proposing tangible steps towards closing the loop.”

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