1930s-1940s: Boom, Bust, and War

Permanent Exhibition

Vancouver and the neighbouring towns of South Vancouver and Point Grey joined together in 1929.

As Canada’s third largest city, Vancouver, they undertook a city plan -- the first (and some would say only) comprehensive plan for Vancouver.

With the market crash of ’29, resource prices plummeted and Vancouver landed on the skids. Big civic plans were put on hold as residents struggled with lost jobs, slashed wages, evictions, and foreclosures.

When Canada entered the war in 1939, Vancouver factories geared up for record production. Shipyards began producing a ship every two weeks. After Pearl Harbour, the well-established Japanese Canadian community on the coast was shattered. Officials confiscated their property and forced them to leave a 100-mile “protected area” along B.C.’s coast for internment camps in the interior. 

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