Why I Design connects people to the city’s most innovative creators


October 18, 2016

Museum event answers all your questions about design.

VANCOUVER, BC – The Museum of Vancouver (MOV) is pleased to present a stimulating night of inquiry focused on the creative process with its 3rd annual Why I Design event. On the evening of Friday, November 4, from 7-11pm, a big party packs two dozen designers into museum spaces for drinks, demonstrations and discussion.

Why I Design offers people the opportunity to awaken their curiosity and learn about the city’s booming design community. Designers will discuss how they face challenges and change lives. They will reveal their sources of inspiration and describe why they’re working in Vancouver.

Attendees will discover the stories behind the development of everyday technologies and cool things they’ve never seen before. Felix Böck from ChopValue will present his innovative products made from recycled chopsticks, and Hapa Landscape Architecture Collaborative will highlight some of the city’s most exciting new building projects. People will get a firsthand look at VeloMetro’s fully-enclosed, electric assist cycles and can ask The Alinker how its three-wheeled walking bike keeps people active.

Visit the Museum of Vancouver’s website for the full list of designers participating in this year’s event.

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Listing Information


Why I Design 2016

Date:                                       Friday, November 4, 7-11pm

Venue:                                     Museum of Vancouver: 1100 Chestnut Street, Vancouver, BC

Website:                                   museumofvancouver.ca/wid2016




For further information or to book interviews with participating designers, please contact Myles Constable at mconstable@museumofvancouver.ca or 604-730-5309.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016