SOLD OUT: A Deeper Dive Into Family Friendly Affordable Housing: Workshop with Experts

Thursday, February 1, 2018 - 18:00

Photo: Adrian Crook

Join us for the 2nd Built City Speaker Series Event,  2017-18: Explore with professionals how affordable housing is being built in Metro Vancouver. Find out how the urban design of affordable housing for the "missing middle" can contribute to community building and resiliency. Featuring guest speaker, Gordon Price, urbanist, six term City of Vancouver Councillor and a fellow at Simon Fraser University's Centre for Dialogue.

Moderated by Gloria Venczel from RAIC-Architecture Canada, these break out workshop sessions will enable attendees to engage in conversations with five housing professionals on a myriad of relevant topics to the affordable housing discussion including: The role of cooperative housing in an affordable housing strategy; the importance of not warehousing people and designing pedestrian-friendly housing; how millennials and others can proactively advocate for more affordable housing and a variety of housing forms; the role of non-profit developers in creating affordable housing; and the significance of online, geo-based community consultation in engaging the “silent majority” around issues like city density  for affordable housing.
Experts will be present at each table, ready to answer your questions in detail. There will be three to five rotations by the attendees throughout the evening.  Experts include: Graham McGarva, Darren Kitchen, Robert Brown, Colleen Hardwick, Danny Oleksiuk, and RachelSelinger.
Tea, coffee and pastries will be served.
Note: This event will be videotaped for promotions for a future Built City event. 
Date: Thursday, February 1, 2018
Time: 6pm – 9pm
Admission: (SOLD OUT: A limited number of tickets will be held for purchased by RAIC Members on a first-come, first-served basis) RAIC Members: $10
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Guest Speaker 
Gordon Price has completed six terms as a Vancouver City Councillor, served on the Board of the Greater Vancouver Regional District (Metro Vancouver), and was appointed to the first board of the Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority (TransLink) in 1999. Until 2016, Gordon was Director of the City Program at Simon Fraser University. He has spoken at numerous conventions and conferences in many countries, is a regular lecturer on transportation and land use for the City of Portland, Oregon, as well as Portland State University, and conducts tours and seminars on the development of Vancouver, BC. Gordon is currently a Fellow with the SFU Centre for Dialogue, and blogs on urban issues, with a focus on Vancouver, at “Price Tags”.
Graham McGarva, MRAIC, AIA
Resource: Necessity of Pedestrian Oriented Urban Design Around Affordable Housing + City Building.
Graham McGarva is a founding partner of VIA Architecture, a planning and architecture firm dedicated to improving the mobility, liveability and sustainability of cities. Graham is a world renown pedestrian oriented urban designer and architect, spearheading livability decades ahead of the curve. For nearly 30 years, VIA has had led the shaping of the urban communities and transportation systems that form the heart and backbone of one of North America's most livable cities, Vancouver BC. Outside of Canada, Graham has helped VIA establish an office in Seattle, and has worked in China, Russia, Malaysia, and in the USA. Graham is also a dedicated poet and world traveller.
Darren Kitchen
Resource: What is cooperative housing, is it affordable, what are the different tenure structures and how might that fit me and/or my family?
Darren Kitchen is the Government Relations Director for the Cooperative Housing Federation in BC, since 2005. He has worked for several years in non-profit and municipal housing sectors, and has previously worked on re-financing existing co-ops, negotiating lease renewals, and developing new co-operative housing.
Robert Brown
Resource: How private sector development experience is helping to create non-profit affordable housing without government subsidies.
Robert Brown is the President of Catalyst Community Development Society. Since 2013, CCD has partnered with community organizations, non-profits and municipal governments to create projects that adopt a mixed-income model, with a focus on building new rental homes that are affordable to individuals and families earning total household incomes of between $20,000 and $100,000 a year. Robert brings 39 years experience of real estate, business, and non-profit experience to Catalyst.
Colleen Hardwick
Resource: How to reach the “silent majority” for new forms of affordable housing through location based online community/city consultations.
Colleen Hardwick is the Founder and CEO of PlaceSpeak. PlaceSpeak is a pioneering location-based smart cities citizen engagement platform that empowers residents to make a meaningful impact on issues like city planning, public transportation, school districts, and resource development. By participating in public consultations and building stronger neighborhoods, PlaceSpeak empowers you to make a meaningful changes to the communities where you live, work, and play.
Danny Oleksiuk
Resource: How millennials and others  can advocate for  a variety of affordable housing types.

Danny Oleksiuk is a young Vancouver lawyer, and a co-founder and president of Abundant Housing Vancouver. Most days, this millennial cycles to work from Mount Pleasant and can be found after hours in a climbing gym. Danny also sits on the City of Vancouver's Renters' Advisory Committee. He organizes young people, renters, and pro-housing people of all backgrounds in support of more housing, especially rental and non-market housing. He believes that everyone who wants to should be able to afford a home in Vancouver, and that exclusionary zoning often prevents this, by design.

Rachel Selinger
Resource: How millennials and others  can advocate for  a variety of affordable housing types.

Rachel is an aspiring architect and millennial who is completing her master’s degree at UBC. She is also a founding member of Abundant Housing. She lives in an intentional community, a recent cohousing project in East Vancouver, where she knows  all 75 of her neighbours. Her research focuses on exploring new affordable housing models, and how design can be a tool to establish a stronger sense of community in Vancouver neighbourhoods. When she has spare time, Rachel likes to hike and backpack.


Gloria Venczel, BES, B.Arch.,  MRAIC, RPP, MCIP. is an award-winning registered urban designer/planner, instructor, consultant and a member of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada.  Gloria has recently taught the sold-out Urban Land Institute BC’s “Urban Design 101” in the Fall 2017. As the City of North Vancouver’s urban designer, she was responsible for successfully guiding the urban design for the city’s Civic Centre. She was the founding NGO Executive Director for the Smart Growth Canada Network. She is principal of Cityscape Design Inc. She is a dedicated Twitter-er, watercolourist, and mini-jogger.

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