Never Going To Stop This Train: Vancouver Choirs Perform Protest Songs.

Saturday, December 2, 2017 - 19:00

The rich tradition of protest music is coming to Museum of Vancouver for a single night of live performance and engagement. Four of Vancouver's vibrant community choirs congregate under one roof/dome to perform individual sets of protest music. 

Protest music has existed for centuries, finding its way into a wide spectrum of social justice movements while spanning multiple genres including gospel, folk, rap and various pop idioms. Initially developed to draw people together around a central mission, the evolution of the protest song has continued to evoke a powerful message; amplifying social change through subversive lyrics, unique settings and sites of resistance.
Our concert features some of the finest choirs currently working in Vancouver's social justice and community building environments. Featuring sets by Left Coast Labour ChorusSolidarity Notes Labour Choir, Re:Sisters and Woodward's Community Singers. Our concert will have you humming along and send you on your way with a new appreciation for the genre. 
Seating is general admission. Auditorium doors open at 6:45pm. Gallery admission included with event ticket. Come early and explore!
Date: Saturday, December 2
Time: Auditorium Doors: 6:40pm;  Show: 7:00pm
Admission: *Adults: $25; Seniors and Students: $20; MOV Members: $15

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*Online Tickets Sales will end ONE HOUR before the event begins. Remaining tickets on sale at the door / Visitor Services at the time of event. 
Left Coast Labour Chorus formed in September, 2014. The Chorus is 30-plus singers who merge their voices and their activism in their music.  Some Chorus members are new to choirs; many have been part of other choirs and song groups, including Solidarity Notes, Bargain at Half the Price and Union Train. Conducted by musician Peggy Hua, who leads a number of different choirs in the Vancouver area. Classically trained in choral conducting, at UBC’s school of Music, she brings skill and knowledge to the Chorus, along with an infectious enthusiasm and energetic conducting. This is music that has been inspired by people working together, campaigning together and walking together in solidarity.  It is music that can raise hope, joy and new possibilities, join voices in protest and even poke fun at oppression.
Re:Sisters are 6 retired teachers and past and present union representatives. The group formed as an ensemble in 2012 with a repertoire that speaks of resistance to the status quo. The group is self-directed and they choose their songs, many of them by women songwriter/performers, through spirited consensus. Re:Sisters perform at conferences, International Women’s Day events, fundraisers for social causes and have led workshops in San Francisco, Washington DC, and Metro Vancouver. Re: Sisters believe in the power of music to help change the world for the better. The ensemble features Barb Coward, Janet Dempsey, Janet Hall, Karen Dean, Nicci Beninger and De Whalen. 
Solidarity Notes Labour Choir is a group of activists who know that music is more than pleasurable sound. It’s a powerful language to educate and connect us and remind us of our strength and history. Throughout history, struggles for labour and human rights have produced music that inspires and reconnects us to hope and possibility. Their repertoire consists of labour songs and songs of social justice, performed on picket lines, at rallies, conventions, conferences, memorials, and benefits – wherever their music can contribute to social progress. Their repertoire balances a sense of history with a desire to sing and inspire the movements of today. Choir Conductor: Earle Peach.
Woodward’s Community Singers is an inter generational, drop-in, community choir that meets 40 weeks of the year.  More campfire than cantata, WCS meet to sing about and through the beauty and struggles of life. Together they share the sonic tonic in the call and response tradition across a spectrum of folk music -  it is their informal, fun, playful and profound way to cultivate community. Coordinator: Vanessa Richards.


City on Edge: A Century of Vancouver Activism is a photo-based exhibition exploring how protest demonstrations have shaped Vancouver’s identity. The exhibition is a unique opportunity to access rarely seen images capturing epic moments of Vancouver’s protest history from the Vancouver Sun and The Province newspapers’ photo collection. These photographs are exceptional historical records of intense and transformative moments in the lives of Vancouverites. Opening September 28, 2017.

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The price of your ticket can be immediately applied to your MOV membership.

At $49 an individual adult membership provides FREE access to most MOV public programs all year round