Museum of Vancouver not consulted about Railway Club donation



January 23, 2017


VANCOUVER, BC – It was recently reported that the new owners of the Railway Club on Dunsmuir Street plan to donate interior elements of the former live music venue to the Museum of Vancouver (MOV). It was also reported that the Museum has been in contact with the new owners on this. In response, the new CEO of the Museum, Mark Richards, has issued the following statement:

“Although the Museum did contact the previous owners in early 2016, the Museum of Vancouver has not been in correspondence with the current owners of the Railway Club and has no plans at present to acquire any artefacts from that site. MOV is not involved in this development in any way.

This museum has a vital role to play in the preservation of the history of Vancouver but we must be prudent when making decisions on what we do and do not collect. No assumptions should be made that every object offered to the museum will be accepted.

We are open to discussions on the contents of the Railway Club but these will need to be conducted through the proper channels.”



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Media contact :                                   Myles Constable,

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Monday, January 23, 2017