Canceled - DIY Protest Craft Workshop

Thursday, November 23, 2017 - 19:00

 Photo: Tamara Komuniecki

Prepare for the trenches and front lines of your next street protest with our three craft workshop stations. Guaranteed to have you primed for your next social justice assembly, march or protest.

Politically seasoned crafters Kim Werker (Action + Craft), Tamara Komuniecki (Delish General Store), in addition to members of the radical cheerleading group, the Pombombs, will facilitate three workshops for you to create, hands on, simple symbols that can help define a movement. 

Pussyhats helped to put the massive worldwide Women’s March on the map in January, 2017, as photos of crowds appeared on social media and in newspapers and magazines featuring streets filled with people wearing fabric pink hats. Originally conceived by women in California as a way to reclaim then President-elect Trump’s vulgar sentiments/words about grabbing female genitalia, patterns for the handmade hats spread virally and hundreds of thousands were made in time for the marches. Make your own pussyhat with a simple fabric design.  
More concise than a manifesto and sassier than a rant, Radical Cheerleading takes the tropes of traditional college rah-rah and runs away with them. An effective cheer is driven by your passion for the cause that moves you, but the process of building it can be broken down into steps. Lyrics, choreography, and the rhythmic synchronization of body and voice are all elements that you can explore at the workshop. Take part in physical and vocal warm-up sessions and learn how to craft DIY pompoms from rags!

Rally signs have the potential to encapsulate and articulate fears, moods, beliefs, causes and more. Given the small footprint of a placard, it is imperative that one's message is concise and easily understood and this section of the workshop will provide people with not only the supplies needed to make a rally sign, but some inspiration and discussion on how to make an effective and impactful one. Participants are encouraged to come prepared with their idea, slogan or sentiment - keeping the message relevant, timely, digestible within a glance, while being thought provoking, perhaps humourous or even stark or shocking. Work through the artwork/printing and assembly stations, and leave with your very own rally sign for the next gathering or action, or just take it home and admire your handiwork.

Drink bar and music will be flowing.   
Admission: *Adults: $17; Seniors and Students: $15; MOV Members: Free; Individuals who self identify as First Nations: Free.

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Gallery admission included with event ticket. Come early and explore.  
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Kim Werker is a Vancouver-based author, editor and dabbler in all kinds of crafts. After her crocheted Pussyhat pattern was downloaded by hundreds of people in the weeks leading up to the Women’s March, she started writing a weekly email newsletter about craftivism – the intersection of art/craft and activism. Action + Craft now reaches over 1600 people every week.
From 2013 - 2015 the Pombombs created and performed cheers at rallies, fundraisers, demonstrations and celebrations addressing environmental activism, transit justice, military spending and women’s power. The group believes that there is a place for Radical Cheerleading wherever justice is underserved and has unarchived itself in order to encourage others in this scrappy yet disciplined form of activism.
Tamara Komuniecki worked as an award-winning national broadcast, print and web journalist, magazine editor and producer for nearly 20 years. In July of 2014, Tamara took DGS into the physical realm, in a brick-and-mortar store on Granville Island in Vancouver. Having studied Political Science, and having been involved in several political campaigns in the past (including the 2008 campaign of Barack Obama), Tamara is interested in developing her store into a hub for community building and activism. . Instagram:


City on Edge: A Century of Vancouver Activism is a photo-based exhibition exploring how protest demonstrations have shaped Vancouver’s identity. The exhibition is a unique opportunity to access rarely seen images capturing epic moments of Vancouver’s protest history from the Vancouver Sun and The Province newspapers’ photo collection. These photographs are exceptional historical records of intense and transformative moments in the lives of Vancouverites. Opening September 28, 2017.




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