Woodward's canned peas and corn


Charles Woodward opened the first Woodward’s department store in 1892 at the corner of Main and Georgia. Customers could browse aisles of foods, men’s and women’s fashions, household items, furniture, appliances; they could cash cheques, make travel arrangements or have a snack in the “groceteria,” one of the first of its kind to open in 1919. Especially popular among bargain hunters were the “$1.49 Day” promotions that are still remembered fondly by older Vancouverites. These cans of vegetables are examples of Woodwards’ brand groceries available on the Food Floor.
The store became a commercial centre and major attraction in the Downtown East Side, and the chain spread throughout the Lower Mainland, while the first Albertan store opened in Edmonton in 1926. Woodward’s remained popular throughout the mid 20th century, but by the 1980s, the business climate changed and Woodward’s faced financial difficulties. The company was sold to the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1993.

Date Range 
c. 1975 - 1986
Place of Use 
Vancouver, BC
11.5 cm long, 8.5 cm diameter
Museum Location 
Catalog Number 
H2005.26.1; H2007.19.2
Sheila Kirkby; Estate of Mary Margaret Baker