Slikworm cocoon display


This display box was used by the Chinese Carnival Board as part of the festivities during the Vancouver Golden Jubilee in 1936. Residents of Chinatown prepared a large program to commemorate the founding of the city and to celebrate the role of Chinese culture in Vancouver.
The series of eight black lacquered display cases hold arrangements of silkworm cocoons, which showed visitors the humble origins of luxurious Chinese silk. The brightly coloured paper and the interesting patterns made with the cocoons were designed to attract that attention of passers-by. According to the labels, the boxes were made by the Bureau of Sericulture in Kwangtung, China.
Many people from across Canada attended the Jubilee to celebrate 150 years since Vancouver’s establishment. Through the success of the Chinese Carnival portion of the Jubilee, shrewd Vancouverites realized the economic benefits from tourism that could accompany embracing “exotic” Chinese culture.

Date Range 
Place of Manufacture 
Bureau of Sericulture, Kwangtung, China
Place of Use 
47 cm tall, 33.4 cm long, 23.4 cm wide
Museum Location 
Catalog Number 
DA 137a-j
Chinese Carnival Board