Nightclub handbill


This is one of many beautiful psychedelic handbills created by artist Steven Seymour to advertise bands at the Retinal Circus nightclub on Davie Street. This handbill promoted The Collectors, formed in Vancouver in 1961 and originally known as the C-Fun Classics, after CFUN-AM radio station. The group was featured as the house band on 'Let's Go,' a weekly TV show. In 1966, the band reinvented themselves as The Collectors when they established a positive reputation for their complex arrangements, soaring harmonies, and extended improvisations. Light artist Addled Cromish composed light shows at concerts and nightclubs. He worked from the dance floor, feeding off the energy of the audience. Using overhead projectors and polarized film, he improvised and experimented. Light was projected through coloured filters, film loops, patterns and oil and water onto walls, bands, dancers – anything in its path.

Date Range 
Designed by Steven Seymour
17.8 cm high, 12.8 cm wide
Museum Location 
Reproduced in You Say You Want a Revolution gallery
Catalog Number 
Rob Frith