Duck Spear


This was used by Khay-tulk to spear ducks from a dugout canoe in Coal Harbour early in the 20th century. A label nailed to the spear (almost certainly by first City Archivist, Major J.S. Matthews) reads: “Duck Spear from Capilano Indian Reserve. In presenting this spear, 1954, August Jack Khatsahlano (Kitsilano) said: ‘My brother Khay-tulk, or Willie, made it, maybe fifty years ago. Originally about 26 feet long, but it stood outside so long, the ends rotted off. Too long to bring in the bus, so I cut off about fifteen feet, and put the iron prongs back; the binding is cherry bark. Indians in dug-out canoes go Coal Harbour and sneak up on duck and spear him.’”

Date Range 
c. 1900
Khay-tulk (Willie, brother of August Jack Khatsalano)
Place of Manufacture 
North Vancouver Museum
Place of Use 
Coal Harbour, Vancouver
249 cm
Museum Location 
Catalog Number 
AA 2288
City of Vancouver Archives, 1973