Brow band fragment


First Nations peoples have lived on the site of Vancouver for millennia. This ornament was worn on the forehead and was made of animal bone. The brow band was found in the great Marpole Midden, a huge site located in the south Vancouver neighbourhood of Marpole along the Fraser River (where the Fraser Arms Hotel and the Arthur Laing Bridge on-ramp are located today). Charles Hill-Tout, an early archaeologist associated with the Art, Historical and Scientific Association, became aware of the site in 1902 when roadwork disturbed it. He surveyed the site, but it was not excavated until 1930 under Herman Leask of the AHSA. For years scholars resisted identifying the “ancient people” of the Marpole Midden with the Musqueam First Nations people living nearby. Today it is clear that the Musqueam are the descendants of the so-called “mysterious people” of the Marpole Midden.


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Date Range 
500 BCE to 500 ACE
Place of Manufacture 
Found at the Marpole Midden, Vancouver
5 cm high, 9.3 cm wide
Museum Location 
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