BC Telephone WWI plaque


This memorial plaque was dedicated to B.C. Telephone Company employees who participated in the First World War. The plaque hung in the entrance of the commercial office of B.C. Telephone Company’s Georgia Street building. Two composite columns are adorned with ribbons that feature names of battles in which Canadian soldiers were involved. The centre of the document displays “The Roll of Honor,” listing soldiers who worked for the B.C. Telephone Company. Of these men, a legend indicates which soldiers were killed, wounded, wounded twice, wounded and imprisoned, died of wounds, and gassed during their service in the Great War.

The Great War, better known as World War One, lasted from 1914 to 1918. Over 15 million people were killed, and more than 56,500 of those deaths were Canadian soldiers. Although the costs were vast, Canada emerged from the First World War with a sense of nationalism “forged in fire.” The awareness of uniquely Canadian contributions to the war effort would ultimately lead to the Dominion of Canada’s independence from the British Empire and its standing as a nation unto itself.

Date Range 
170 cm high, 14cm deep, 139cm wide
Catalog Number 
Telus, 2003